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Case Study: Sideways Mobilisation using MAX Airbags

Straight Sideways Mobilisation with MAX Inflatable Bags

Country: Indonesia.

launchway for barge

This newly established ship repair yard has limited launch way/slipway. In fact, the slipway has just a solid concrete ground clear of obstacles that is able to accommodate the width of one barge. Conventional wisdom dictates that only one barge can be hauled in for repairs at one time. However, the use of MAX airbags has helped solve this problem.

launchway arrangement

Barge to be brought in to Position A


Haul in First Barge to Position

Firstly, the first 1662 Gross Tonnage barge will be hauled in to Position A using MAX 40 Ton Hydraulic Winch. To identify the pulling force needed for the winch, factors including the sloping angle and the weight of the barge is taken into consideration. In this case, a 40T Hydraulic Winch is enhanced by a 5-lined pulley system to provide the pulling force in excess.

ship hauled into launchway

Pulled in using 40T Rated Tension Launchway Winch


Then, at Position A, it is mobilised sideways to Position B using MAX 20 Ton Electric DC Winch facilitated by MAX inflatable bags. Similarly, the use of pulley is installed. The entire process is carried out carefully and under professional supervision.

20T Winch pulling sideways

20T Winch for Sideways Mobilisation

Barge 1 in place

1st Vessel in Position B


Safety First

It is very important to avoid sharp objects on the slipway/ground as it may cut the airbags and put the entire operation at risk. The pressure of bags should be checked and maintained at all times. The optional use of excavators & cranes are to ensure the safety of the operations. Communication is a highly regarded aspect in such operations as all parties must be highly diligent for this delicate process. Release Shackle Demo 2

Second Ship for Repairs

Similarly after that, the second barge is also hauled in using the 40T slipway winch into Position A, and moved to Position C using the side 20T winch. This enables the yard to provide repairs for two barges at the same time instead of just one.

barge 2 with winch

Second vessel brought in with MAX bags and Hydraulic Winch

ship 2 at position a

Vessel 2 in central position

Ship 2 to Position C

Pulled Sideways using 20T DC Winch

barge 1 & 2 in place

2 Barges for Repairs instead of just one


Maximise repair capacity by having the third Vessel at the middle 

Moreover, if there was a third barge, it can be brought into Position A and repairs could be carried out there. This way, the one limited slipway will be able to accommodate 3 ships for repairs and maximised the usage of the shipyard’s land.

barge 3 mobilisation

Even accomodate a 3rd barge to maximise yard capacity


Ship Launching

Aside from being used for hauling, the same MAX Rubber Airbags are also used to launch the vessels after repairs. The reverse arrangement is carried out for launching. In fact, launching process is the easier part (compared to hauling) as for barges, an immediate-launch or slow-launch are both acceptable options. However, details like the tide, sloping angle, and the use of certain accessories to facilitate the launch (Quick Release Shackle, for example) would have to be considered.

Embrace Versatility using MAX Airbags

The great thing about MAX mobilisation bags is their versatility. Although in this case, we do not recommend beginner airbag users to carry out such an operation by yourself. Instead, contact our sales team and we would gladly assist in such operations to help you succeed using less costs & maximise your yard’s capacity.


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