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MAX air bags and dredging hoses recognised by world renowned association

We are extremely proud to announce that recently in 2018, MAX group’s products have been thoroughly inspected, audited and recognised by the Product Quality Congress Association.

MAX products tested are the ISO14409 rubber airbag product category; and dredging-use floating hose category. We take pride in both products as they completely excelled and outperform almost all of the competition. In fact, when we were made aware of the competing products with better performance, their pricing was at least 35% higher than MAX’s.

This is a delightful surprise as our team did not expect such a sudden approach from the committee as we had no prior knowledge of such an experiment going on at the moment.

high pressure rubber airbag (Example of ISO14409 rubber airbag category product)
max rubber products (Example of dredging-use floating hose category product)

What happened?

The procedure involved the committee purchasing 10 similar products from the market and perform various extensive tests respectively to determine & understand more of the industry product.

The inspection is entirely random, done with anonymous purchase from the committee. (MAX has no prior knowledge of it, too). We caught up with the committee and understood that purchasing of goods have been done in January 2018, with the committee purchasing 5 similar products from various manufacturers (one of them being MAX Groups Marine) and carry out a fully documented testing covering a wide range of tests.

Our marine airbag has managed to perform in these areas:

  • Ranked in No.1 for fatigue testing results (best results after tested with 100 cyclic fatigue loading conditions)

  • No.1 in burst pressure/rated pressure ratio

  • Tied at No.2 for product response to sharp object.

  • Ranked in No.2 in total tensile strength of material used.

It is important to note that these tests are performed on our usually manufactured products, and tested without MAX’s knowledge. So, this is a further testament to our general product quality manufactured from our day-to-day operations. Learn more how our product is superior to others in the market by reading this “5 Things Other Airbag Manufacturers Do Not Want You to Know” article.

Dredging hose test details are undisclosed at the time of this writing but we were made aware that the results generally perform in top 4 in all tested categories.

After the tests

After the test results were available, MAX was then approached by the committee to undergo further factory inspection procedure in order to better understand the industry. As one of the most trusted brand in marine equipment manufacturer and supplier in the industry, we were more than happy to help!

In this trip, the personnel further inspect our raw materials, production procedures, and test some more of our available products. We were delighted to help provide further advice and explain on our superior production processes.



We were briefed that such random checks were to restore global public confidence in China-manufactured products and to solidify China as a global manufacturing powerhouse. Manufacturers that export out products that failed testing is also further investigated by the relevant authorities.

“The problem with many of these industry products is that the usage of them is highly correlated to the safety of users. So we would like to make sure, as we can, that the manufacturing community takes their promises seriously. Marine equipment is only one of the many sectors we cover from heavy engineering, construction, chemical products. We are pleased to see MAX Group uphold such high product quality standards, which definitely boosts market confidence in this product category.” – Dr. Chen Y.B., senior committee of congress.


MAX. Your Most Reliable Marine Equipment & Airbag Ship Launching Solution.

At MAX, we focus on delivering value as our Managing Director always says, “product quality is the No.1 marketing”. The team will continue to hold this statement true to heart, always.


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