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Happy New Year 2021 from MAX

We would like to take this opportunity to reflect upon a blessed year, trusted by many to continue delivering max value marine equipment globally. From marine fenders, to airbags, to buoys, and dredge hoses… We are forever grateful for all the support.

“Genuinely impressed with the long term cost savings…” Really the kind of feedback we are delighted to hear 😍 in MAX! #MAXValue


Let us help!
If your region is badly affected by COVID-19 and still require our products, do let us know and we can see how to help you better by reducing our margins or terms to help businesses stay afloat during this tough period.
Let us do our part and hopefully encourage more to spread more positivity around. 
While COVID-19 have impacted our daily lives, we are positive better times are near! Have a blessed new year!

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