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Maritime Piracy: Cargo Theft & Piracy is More Real Than You Think

Piracy and cargo theft results in billions in losses. These incidents are more real than most people think. Measures are taken by the authorities worldwide (navies & security guards) to tackle this issue and protect the supply chain more than ever. As a result in 2013, global piracy fell to a 6-year low. In whole, piracy events are more frequent in South East Asia than western countries. However, land vehicle hijackings are equally common, in even the most developed countries.

The 2013 global outlook of cargo hijackings, theft and piracy is provided by the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau. This informative infographic by the Journal of Commerce is based on reported cases and realistic estimation of cargo value. Here’s what’s happening around the world:

Stats you should tweet:

  • In 2013, ICoC’s International Maritime Bureau recorded 264 piracy attacks. Tweet this!
  • BSI reported $22.4 billion in losses globally due to cargo theft in 2013. Tweet this!
  • 8.8% of piracy attacks in 2013 targeted container ships. Tweet this!
  • There are an estimated 106 piracy attacks in Indonesia in 2013, most worldwide. Tweet this!
  • Europe is the highest-loss region worldwide due to cargo theft at $7.2 billion. Tweet this!
  • The median value of cargo theft in France $173,300 is highest in Europe. Tweet this!
  • 65% of U.S. cargo theft events occurred in TX, CA, FL, IL and GA. Tweet this!
  • 41% of U.S. cargo theft involved a parked truck at a parking or drop lot. Tweet this!
  • Electronics, esp cell phones, are most frequently targeted commodities. Tweet this!
  • More incidents happen in Brazil than in any other country in the region. Tweet this!
  • Egypt saw an average of 1 hijacking attempt per week. Tweet this!
  • Hijacking increased 14.9% in South Africa, first increase in 4 yrs. Tweet this!
  • Hijacking accounted for 25% of all cargo thefts targeting trucks in Russia. Tweet this!

MAX cargo theft stats & piracy maritime

Credits to JOC for a wonderful infographic!

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