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Anchor Winch: Options for the Marine Industry

Max Group is one of the trusted supplier of marine supplies in the world. We offer innovative and quality products. Our company specializes in the most advanced winches, designed for the marine industry. We have established a reputation for delivering high quality machinery. You can choose an anchor winch from one of the many varieties available.

Anchoring is the process of having the ship to stop at mid sea or at the port. An anchor is used to hold the ship steady and at the same place, unaffected by the strong waves. The anchoring process involves dropping and lifting the anchor. Anchor winch is used for such situations.

Every anchor winch is designed with a particular vessel size in mind. Other factors that determine the type of product that you select include rode selection, windage, and anchor size. We have a wide range of capstans and windlasses to suit different boat/ship models. You can choose between a horizontal and vertical anchor winch depending on your individual requirements. However, bigger ships tend to favour horizontal windlass over vertical windlass.

Vertical Windlass

This anchor winch is popular and it helps to reduce slipping. It offers great chain control because the chainwell is wrapped by the anchor rode. This machinery is allowed to be placed below decks, therefore lowering the center of gravity.

Horizontal Windlass

This product is mounted above the deck. The machinery is often times more self-contained, thus, more protected.

Motor Options

We offer different types of motors including hydraulic and electric. The motor watt does not affect the performance of the boat winch. It is important to find an efficient winch by considering the performance of both the motor and gearbox. Hydraulic motors can be used as an alternative source of power for electric motors. Their speed is constant under both heavy and light loads. The hydraulic motors are able to operate almost continuously and they are also safer because of various safety features including valves to relieve pressure. We offer the most advanced hydraulic systems. These systems offer you a centrally controlled, efficient, low maintenance and integrated power source.

Anchor Winch Performance

It is easy to determine anchor winch performance by simply looking at the features available. Look at the anchor winch lift and the speed at which its lifts. Maximum pull capacity and working load are two of the most important considerations you need to make when you are making a choice. The working load refers to how much the winch is capable of pulling after the anchor is lifted. Our staff can help you find the right working load and pull capacity to meet your specific needs.


We are committed to ensuring that our products are safe for use. All the products come with a variety of safety features. Our electric windlasses use circuit breakers during the installation process. This ensures that your cables and motor are well protected in case the boat winch is overloaded. We also offer a wide range of accessories to enhance safety when you are using an anchor winch. We have chain snubbers and chain stoppers that can be used to promote anchor safety. These accessories make sure the anchor does not self-launch unintentionally. They also protect the anchor winch from damage.

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