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Why Choose a Hydraulic Winch over an Electrical One

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Marine industry winches, no matter hydraulic or electric, are commonly used in the industry. There are many reasons why a hydraulic winch is better than the electrical one. Unlike the electrical one, it doesn’t require a powerful battery to operate. Another key attribute is that it can pull for longer periods of time and harder without overheating as compared to an equal sized electrical unit. Another great advantage of the winch is that it is capable of operating while completely submerged in water.

When used in cold climates, the hydraulic winch is also superior. The hydraulic fluid gets pre-warmed before it can enter the winch motor. After getting warm, the hydraulic fluid is able to keep the motor and this makes it possible for it to operate in cold climates. The warm winch doesn’t only pull harder but produce better results.

When presented with a difficult pull, the equipment isn’t damaged by ordinary use and neither does it overheat. It continues pulling as hard from the start until completion. The winching vessel’s engine doesn’t require to be operated at a higher speed than an idle winch. The power steering of the boat or ship offers the required power right away from idle.

However, the hydraulic winch also has its own share of drawbacks. One of these is that it only works when the engine is running. At times, this may render it useless.

The battery system of a boat/vessel is typically designed to operate at high-power output for a brief period like the starting of the engine. On the other hand, according to its design, the hydraulic winch operates at full power draw and for longer periods. With an electric winch, the battery of the vehicle as well as its system is overworked when it tries to supply power to the winch. It is for this reason that the hydraulic winch is more reliable and durable.

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It is also easier to repair a hydraulic winch as compared to the electrical one. When the electric winch breaks down, you have to engage the services of an electrician buy a number of items and seek a stable environment to fix it. On the other hand, when a hydraulic winch breaks down it is usually in one of the valves and these can even be repaired even when the vessel is still on water. Therefore, there are many reasons why you should pick a hydraulic winch.

When buying this equipment, you need to decide the amount of weight that will be pulled. Use the weight class to decide the winch motor and winch capacity. This should also help you to set budget as the high capacity winches are more expensive.

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