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Pros of Hydraulic Winch

There are a number of factors to be considered when selecting the most suitable marine hydraulic winch or electric winch to be used. Some of the most common uses of winches in the maritime industry are as anchor handling and towing winches, mooring winches or ship launch-use winches. There are several factors to consider for marine-use winches, especially the size of the vessel, the displacement, energy efficiency among other factors.

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The most popularly used winches are electric or hydraulic winches. When choosing a winch for marine application, the energy efficiency is very important. Electric winches use power directly from generator sets. Hydraulic winches on the other hand use fluid power to work which utilizes hydraulic systems and a motor pump between the generator set and the winch. Hydraulic winches however, requires 20-30% more electric power for its performance due to this power conversion system. Hydraulic-powered winches are the best kind of winches for vessels that have generator sets large enough for crane loads. A hydraulic winch has the capacity to carry very heavy loads.

For winches on ships, the size of the vessel will help determine the type of winch to get. A hydraulic winch is the best option for larger vessels because of the size of hydraulic system equipment and is often very heavy. Hydraulic winches is the better option for vessels that need to move very heavy cargo.

When choosing a hydraulic winch, you will have to consider the electric systems that will control the winch. The controls of the hydraulic winch include control panel displays, joysticks, switches and pushbuttons. This can make the system that operates the winch complex and it is important to get one whose wheelhouse controls, remote stations and local winch controls are automated and working as they should. You also want to get a hydraulic winch whose parts you can replace easily. The winch will often wear at the fluid and mechanical interfaces as well as o rings and seals. You need to be able to get the spare parts easily as these parts will require to be replaced periodically when they wear out. For MAX Groups’ winches, we usually slot in a packet of several free common spare parts together with your shipment when you purchase from MAX Groups Marine.

You also need to consider the installation of a hydraulic winch and its related system. Some of the equipment and systems that you have to install include piping, hydraulic components, fittings among other additional equipment.

Some of the benefits of using a hydraulic winch is that it is likely to last for long as it is very durable. With proper care and maintenance such as replacing worn out parts, a hydraulic winch will serve you for a very long time. It has the capacity to operate very heavy loads especially for those that an electric winch does not have the capacity for. They also work continuously as long as the engine is running. We usually advise electric winches to be used for smaller projects, as without electric supply, it will not function. For hydraulic winches, it can work for long periods of time as long as the engine is working. Especially during ship launching and vessel upgrading projects, when the tide situation plays a role in the project operation, the winch may be required to perform consistently at longer periods of time. In that case, heavy vessels usually involve hydraulic-powered winches.

Ultimately, it really depends on all these factors and the application of the winch to decide which type of winch suits your use best. Learn more about MAX winches HERE.

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