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How MAX uses 3D Printing to Add Value

A big part of MAX’s business also manages and advises shipyards in launching or ship repair processes. These days, for trickier projects with challenging ship dimensions or special situational slipways, our team uses 3D printing to help with our demo.

3D printing is very commonly referred to as additive manufacturing. It is when successive layers of material (for our use, it’s PLA) are slowly laid down under precise intelligent control to form a 3D shaped object. 3D printers is a rising trend of rapid prototyping in today’s world. For MAX, we use it to make demo kits according to precise specifications of our clients’ vessels.

MAX 3D printer

Unlike our old presentation, now for certain cases, our presentation and discussion features a more lively demo with 3D printed objects scaled down (usually 1:500) according to exact dimensions of our clients’ modules. Besides, this also enabled our team to understand the dimensions of the module more clearly with a physical object in hand. It certainly helps our customers understand better and have a look of a scaled down ratio of things

3D Designing, Rendering & Slicing for Print

Our team studies the dimensions or require clients to send their designs so that we can proceed with slicing for printing preparation. At this stage, the amount of time, materials and configurations are carefully considered. (Due to the confidentiality of the designs, we are unable to showcase photos for real projects).

rendering & design3D slicing

Printing a Demo Kit

The printing process ranges from a couple of minutes up to 20 hours! It mainly depends on printing quality, speed & configurations.

printer maxprinting in action

3D printing is adopted in our sales & marketing team as we hope to establish effective communication with our stakeholders.  MAX is proud to be embracing new technologies like we always have to improve our delivery to clients. This is especially true at the time where we are popularising an extremely versatile ship launching method worldwide especially in America, Europe and South East Asia. Learn more at Shiplaunching.org.



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