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Popular types of Marine Fenders and Their Functionalities

Marine fender is a kind of marine equipment to protect ships, vessels, boats etc during contact against the various things like piers, docks and wharves.

Marine fenders are often known as marine bumpers too. This is an equipment that is of much significance due to the prevention of damage to both the vessel and the other surface.

The fender equipment is employed in a system or structure for the vessel so that the head or the hull of ship / boat can be protected when there is an occasion of collision. This equipment can also be found on docks, piers, wharves and port structures. There are various varieties of it catering to different functionalities and they come in different shapes.

Cylindrical Fender 3 MaxArch Fender 4 Max

Some of the most popular ones include:

Cell Fenders

Cell fender is one of the most reliable, proven fender design and arguably the most commonly used structure in the maritime industry.

The fenders are the often used in oil and LNG platforms, offshore terminals, container berths and others. These are the kind of marine fenders that can deliver high performance and be ultra durable.

The shape of it provides it with the shear resistance and sturdiness, equipped with the capacity for absorbing energy in an equal manner from different directions and compact structure.

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Cone Fenders

This is the kind of marine fender that can be considered as an improved version that of the cell fender.

This fender is suitable for handling with various different situations due to its highly efficient geometry.

Its application can be in those sites with much difference in the tidal variations. The advanced features of this fender can be helpful in improving the capabilities of vessel cranes in material handling.

Cone-type fender can easily get deflected due to its shape and can be capable of absorbing energy from various directions. Thus making it very stable despite large compression angles.

MAX Product-Solid Fender 4

MAX Product- Marine Cone Fender

Pneumatic Fenders

These are fenders that are used mainly for the purpose of transfer from one ship to another at the mid seas, or what we commonly call “STS” operation.

Pneumatic fenders require minimal maintenance cost. Another special feature of this fender is the lower reaction force at the time of lower deflection (soft reaction force).

This property makes these fenders very suitable for Ship-to-ship (STS) operations.

Usually a tyre/chain net can be fitted on pneumatic fenders to offer extra protection.

pneumatic fenderpneumatic fender

Arch Fender

This is the kind of marine fender that is a simple design that provides excellent shear performance.

The sizes of an arch fender varies according to requirements.

This type of fender is suitable for vessels with high allowable hull pressures due to its design.

Its popular application includes general cargo vessels, workboat harbors, barge berths and more.

MAX Product-Solid Fender 8Arch fender max

These are just some of the most popular marine fenders in the industry. Depending on the requirements, application and restrictions, different types appeal to different cases. For more info of the different variations/types of marine fenders, you can read an article about fender types & things to note.


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